Choose your Salt Lamp Color: Light, Medium or Rare Dark for Bedrooms.  SAVE15


Air Purifying Salt Crystal Lamps are known to remove airborne particles mold spores, allergens, dust, dander also neutralizing  smoke & odors. They emit no noise, odors or Harmful Ozone. Choose your Color: Light, Medium or Rare Dark Amber Salt Lamps for Bedrooms (Most get relief from Snoring, Asthma, Allergies, COPD & More)

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Compact Himalayan Salt Inhaler...Breakage Resistant...Proudly Made in the USA! Natural, Fast & Effective Relief for Asthma, COPD,  Allergies, Chronic Cough & More with No Side Effects (See our Respiratory Combo Package). Learn more about the Benefits of Himalayan Salt for Respiratory Conditions​

Himalayan Salt is the Most  Complete salt on Earth containing Over 84 trace minerals and elements that match our body chemistry.  SOLÉ (so-lay) Natural Energy Supplement that aides in  Balancing pH & More! (Natural Electrolytes) which also aids in Cell Hydration​

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Discover the Best Tasting, Purest Pink table salt with no Additives! Himalayan Salt is the most  complete salt on our planet. Formerly one of our primal oceans over 250 million yrs old, Himalayan Salt underwent extreme pressures during the formation of the Himalayan Mountains