Quality Himalayan Salt Products – 100% Pure and Natural

Why switch to Himalayan salt? As you know, salt is an absolute essential for life. However, traditional white table salt is difficult for the body to process due to its refining process and addition of unnecessary chemicals. Himalayan salt is 100% pure and free from bleaching and anti-caking agents and it contains natural iodine.

Breathe easier using our Himalayan salt inhaler, the best natural treatment for respiratory relief.  Enjoy a relaxing salt bath to soothe achy muscles and melt your pain and stress away. Make a skin rejuventating salt scrub or natural acne treatment with our fine ground salt.  Nourish and re-energize your body with with Sole, a natural daily supplement made of Himalayan salt and water. It aids in digestion, PH balance, hair growth, and more. 

Hi Salt Lady,
I have truly enjoyed my recent purchases from you.
The Salt Puffer has done wonders for my asthma and allergies. I have not used the prescribed puffer since I received the Salt Puffer.  Hooray!
The lamp has greatly enhanced the air in the area where I placed it.  Clean breathing!  I want more lamps! Thanks loads.  God bless you.

Celia M.

Hi Lily,  I have suffered for 29 years with Fibromyalgia and the last 5 years with Sciatica.  Since I started drinking the Sole and using the salt lamps I am a new person!  My pain is now manageable and I actually wake up refreshed which I haven’t done in years!  I now have a salt lamp in every room in my house and I don’t have to use air freshener any longer and I also have one sitting on my desk at work.  I personally bought 14 lamps and most of my family, extended family and many friends have gone to the shop and are hooked on the Sole and the Lamps!  My horses even have the salt hanging in their pens, they love them.  Everyone at work noticed that I don’t limp anymore and that my face glows!  It is amazing the chain of events that have started with the lamps and how friends and family are sharing with more friends and family and hearing all the miracles that have occurred.  I have seen other lamps at discount stores and they don’t even come close to Lily’s lamps, they are truly high quality and very beautiful.  Lily and Ed are wonderful, knowledgeable and truly caring.  Thanks Lily and Ed for changing my life! Eleana B.

Hi Lily, I had always had bronchial issues as far back as I can remember. I was diagnosed with chronic bronchial asthma.  It seems, once a year I would get a horrible bronchial cough. I’ve broken ribs, lost my voice and doctors would just give me an inhaler, codeine & antibiotics. These things never worked and the cough usually went on for months. Last year I got the same cough and had signed up for a 25mile bike ride a few months before. A friend of mine heard my cough and suggested a salt puffer from Himalayas Salt Lamps & More. I went right after work and got the salt puffer. I was actually over the cough in under 24hrs! And was able to do the 25 mile bike ride that weekend! Ryan





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