Himalayan Salt Lamp Premium Combo – Light, Med, Dark


Just getting started? Not sure which color salt lamp to choose? With this premium combo pack you and your loved ones can start enjoying the many benefits of what Himalayan salt lamps have to offer.  The light color lamp is perfect for the office, pets room or the laundry room with great lighting!  The medium color is a lovely soft glow, like the colors of a sunset to enjoy the evenings while watching a movie.  Children love the medium color lamp in their bedroom as a night light however, still may be too bright for some adults.  The dark red lamp is perfect for the master bedroom with its very soft red glow color to ensure a good nights rest.


  • 1 light, 1 medium, and 1 dark salt lamp (all small size)
  • 3 cords
  • 3 light bulbs
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